Branding, Naming
Mascuidado is a new brand in the market and because there’s no vaccine to prevent Covid-19, the proper use of different items are important to avoid contagion. Mascuidado offers face masks, disposable gloves, protective suits and disinfectant mats.
Creating a logo to me is more than designing an eye-catching solution, it’s making something that has meaning and that is appropriate in form and concept. The idea was to take the enemy (the bacteria) as the main element, and show its different types of shapes and colors through 4 main gradients. What makes bacteria resistant to antibiotics it’s that they constantly evolve to better adapt to their environment. This is why the logo has different variations but they are all part of the same identity. Finally, the text was placed within a frame and the bacteria in a Petri dish in order to reinforce the idea of ​​prevention and care.
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