I'm Cesar.

I'm a Graphic Designer and Obsessive Creator. I was born in Ecuador, a place where family comes before all other things. Kindness and honesty guide my decisions and I always aim for client's success and fulfillment. I have lived in three different countries, visited another 16 and I'm always planning my next adventure. Through this I've gained a better understanding of people's needs, I've seen many cultures and backgrounds and I love to use those different perspectives of life to draw from when creative thinking.

The first way in which I was able to express my creativity was through a DSLR camera when I was 12 and today I still find incredibly inspiring how a photograph can evoke feelings of happiness, sadness, and everything in between. Photography and design are my two biggest passions and it constantly reminds me that the world is not just a scary place but there's a lot of beauty too. Just look out the window at 6pm!

I graduated from the Academy of Art University of San Francisco in 2020 after almost 9 years of pursuing my career in Graphic Design. Life's not always easy but the satisfaction of getting things done is the best award. I also learned how to swim when I was 30.

I believe that in order to deliver the best work as possible, I must first fully understand the design problem to then fall in love with the solution. I'm constantly feeding my brain with inspiration I find on design magazines like Novum, I speak English and Spanish, I'm obsessed with food, afraid of the ocean and always looking for new and interesting projects.

Ecuador & NYC


Art Direction
Branding / Logo Design / Naming
Editorial Design
Packaging / Product Photography
Set Design
Social Media Management / Strategies
Website Design / E-Commerce
& Make you smile