Design with Values.


When passion and talent converge, art is made.

This zone of genius is what drives Cesar Coellar, a graphic designer by trade and a freelance creative by heart. Born in Ecuador Cesar still maintains the values he learned as a child; family first, kindness for all, and honesty always. These ethics underscore every project that Cesar works on. What sets him apart is the ability to see each project he works on as art and to inject the necessary emotion into the work, allowing consumers to connect with the product or brand. Which is why so many clients start out working with him in a smaller capacity and then quickly promote him to Creative Director for their brand. For Cesar, creativity is the name of the game. It was a DSLR camera that first opened his eyes to his artistic sensibilities and photography is still a passion of his, second only to his love of graphic design.

While working as a graphic designer he continued pursuing his degree at the Academy of Art University of San Francisco and completed his program in 2020. Although already successful in his field, Cesar believes that being an “eternal student” and continuing to hone his craft and skill is what allows him to produce his best work. With a heart for understanding the ethos of the brands he works with, Cesar builds the design around each client and their values.  He believes in discovering the deeper meaning and conveying that through graphic design, making the overall impression more impactful. Rather than working within one niche of graphic design, Cesar prefers to work with clients he believes he can bring the most value to, including non-profits. His capabilities are versatile, allowing him to work with many different brands.

Cesar’s open-minded and creative approach expands beyond just his work. Having lived in 3 countries already and explored 16 others, he’s always in pursuit of the next adventure. “I’ve seen many cultures and backgrounds and I love to use those different perspectives of life to draw from when considering thinking creatively.” Cesar says of his passion for travel. Through travel he is able to provide his clients with an even broader perspective and draw from design inspiration around the globe. As Cesar himself puts it, “Creativity is at the core of everything I do.”

The clients say

Cesar is nothing short of an innovative genius. He strikes the perfect medium between function and style that is necessary for a successful design. I would highly recommend his work!

Garret B.
President, No Initiative

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