From Bold to Sophistication: My Brand Redesign

June 5, 2022

A brand's identity is an important element for telling the story behind a person and their work. Often, a person's brand must transform to reflect the changes and growth they've gone through within their work, sense of design, and interests. Creating a new brand concept is as exciting as it is challenging. While revamping your image allows you some creative freedom, you must also consider not veering too far from the original branding, depending on the industry. Rebranding is a wonderful way of showing the world the experience and knowledge you've gained since the initial design.

I decided my brand was due for a redesign. Over the years, I've let go of certain expectations around brand design and no longer felt my current concept reflects who I am today. As I've grown older, I've become more confident in myself, values, and beliefs, and my work has become a reflection of this. The aesthetic of my previous brand no longer told the story of who I was but rather a past version of myself. Creative expression is my true nature, and when I was younger, I wanted my brand to stand out and ride the waves of the current trends, full of brightness and color. I chose an electric blue for my previous design to be eye-catching and alluring. I was never quite sold on my old design, and I believe I chose it to be current with other brands within the industry rather than staying true to my personality and style. I still hold my creative expression dear to my heart, but I recognize the importance of allowing my client's projects to live in the spotlight while my brand remains a subtle reminder of my work.

My new brand's concept is a reflection of how I see myself. Black is a sophisticated, deep, serious, and professional color. It's also a rare occasion that I am not wearing black on any given day. As I've become more experienced in my work, I've also become more focused on my values, integrity, and mission, which has led me to create a much more earnest brand design. The black background of my design is paired with my name in Founders Grotesk and Domain Display fonts in a bold white. Both fonts are contemporary and easily received. Founders Grotesk provides a legible body for brand names, titles, and captions. Domain Display offers tasteful curves with subtle Latin detailing. Together, these two fonts create a high-quality, polished design that mimics the value I invest in my work.

I am an eternal student of art and creativity, ever-learning and evolving, incorporating freshness into my work. Since refining my brand, I've become more confident in how it portrays myself and my work. I feel that my true personality is now shown within the power, sophistication, and simplicity throughout the enhanced aesthetic of my brand. With my new brand, I'm allowed the freedom of letting my work speak for itself while still maintaining a modest acknowledgment of my contribution.