The Command+Z Project: Taking A Step Back To Give Back

June 29, 2022

As a designer, my work is based on creativity. My creativity stems from where I find value, purpose, and meaning. Because of this, my work contains a depth filled with more than just a strategic design; it tells a story or provides a message of the importance of a brand or organization. I enjoy working with people from all walks of life, hearing their stories, getting to know their purposes and intentions, and helping them design and create something worthwhile for their needs. I have found great success in doing so, allowing me to invest my time and energy into my passions.

Part of the position I'm in allows me to have the opportunity to give back to those in need. I've created the Command+Z project, where I offer my design and creative services to non-profit organizations. I choose two non-profits per year and try to work with smaller, younger organizations that need assistance most. With all of the responsibilities, success, challenges, and roles within our lives, it can be easy to forget to take step back and look at how we can also use our position to help others. I chose the name Command+Z because it's a command I use everyday in my work that allows you to go back in editing, symbolizing my efforts in giving back to these organizations.

The organizations I've worked with are in alignment with my own values, and I believe they are making a positive impact on the world. I'm passionate about mental health, gay rights, climate change, child poverty, and the power of kindness. I try to work with organizations that are also in alignment with these values and beliefs.

The pandemic was a huge wake-up call for humanity, as it showed the impact our choices can have on others and the need to offer support to the world as a whole. I spend a lot of my time traveling the world, meeting new faces, and experiencing the different cultures they have to offer. Spending time with people from different backgrounds and seeing the different cultures that exist opened my eyes to understanding just how beautiful life is from all different lenses.

So far, I've given back to two wonderful organizations, Caminando Juntos and Vida & Libertad. Both of these non-profits help provide people with the tools they need to live a more healthy, comfortable, and enjoyable life. Caminando Juntos is based in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Their mission is to promote happiness and offer a higher quality of life for children and young adults with special needs. For this organization, our goal was to create a brand that stuck out from other non-profits while embodying a warm, friendly design. Vida & Libertad is based in Cuenca, Ecuador. Their mission is to support and offer assistance to people recovering from drug and alcohol addictions. For this project, I helped create a brighter, more positive design identity that visually portrays the light they offer to people during dark times.

So far, I've helped create new branding, but I'm open to offering any creative service. If you have a non-profit organization that needs any design work, feel free to reach out and connect. I'd love to hear from you!