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10X Leadership Consulting's goal is to help enhance the quality of leadership skills to better the culture and environment within a company or organization. Starting at the top of the pyramid, they aim to implement these changes with an organization's senior leaders. Doing so helps establish a sense of morale from top to bottom.
This company's founder hails from a military background, where he achieved great accomplishments within his ranking. 10X Leadership Consulting is built on the foundation and wisdom taken from those experiences and incorporated into a business-professional styled structure. The logo design reflects the process a team or company undergoes within this consultation and how they not only experience growth but also solidify themselves as a whole. This abstract model is modern yet conveys a classic visual that is simple enough to be impactful. The small, far left shape symbolizes a company's condition before their consultation. Then, the middle, double-squared shape shows the expansion they will experience through working with 10X. Finally, the design ends with an expanded version of the original shape. This signifies the merger between the company's new development from the program, expressing their mission to assist companies in operating at maximum efficiency. In order to preserve the company's value in classic and lasting branding, Founders Grotesk font was used to cultivate a sophisticated style and appearance. The entire logo is comprised of muted red, blue-black, and soft gray, giving the brand an overall peaceful yet traditional presentation.
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