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Crafted with Ecuadorian passion and locally-sourced ingredients, these Alfajores offer a unique flavor journey that celebrates the country's rich heritage. Dulsemor embraces innovation with playful packaging and unique flavor combinations, appealing to a wider audience.
Our goal wasn't just to create an eye-catching logo, but to imbue it with meaning that resonates deeply with the brand's essence and target audience. We aimed to capture the innocent joy associated with childhood sweets. The brand identity utilizes primary colors, softened into pastel shades, reminiscent of playful candies and treats. The logotype itself stands out with a bold, thick typeface, subtly mirroring the satisfying texture of a well-made Alfajor. This design choice reinforces the brand's focus on quality and craftsmanship, while also adding a touch of sophistication to the playful aesthetic. Throughout the design process, we kept the core value of "Alfajores made with love" at the forefront. This sentiment is woven into every element, from the heartwarming color palette to the charming illustrations. The final brand identity reflects not just a delicious treat, but a labor of love meant to be savored and shared.
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Cuenca, Ecuador.

Ana U.


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