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Brena originated as a collaborative fashion brand between Christian López and Estefanía Villalta. The two shared a vision to create fashion in the hopes of empowering women, promoting positivity, and designing their clothing with empathy. With love and soul, their designs hold all women, in all forms, in mind. The brand originally emerged as avant-garde, fairy-like, curated garments full of creative expression and innovation. Christian left a mark of love on every woman he met; he saw the beauty and value in everyone he worked with. Since Christian's transition, his legacy has been threaded through every concept and essence of Brena. Originally, the brand was called "Breena," which translates to "fairyland," and later was simplified to BRENA. Fairies are nature's guardian angels, just as Christian's impact still helps inspire the brand today.
The design's concept is whimsical and meaningful and holds its beauty in various sizes. The concept's letterform "b” trails off like a wing, into the arched, flowing text "Home Wear, Home Fitness and Home Textil." The word-mark mimics the first, while beautifully spelling out brena. Through the use of a rich, dark green background, the light green and pink colors of the text help's create a contrast to bring the focus to the logo's design. The airy flow of the design's structure symbolizes a wing, which honors Christian's legacy as well as their fairy-inspired name.
Art Direction
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Cuenca, Ecuador.

Estefanía V.

Founder/Fashion Designer

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