Mesa Nativa

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Mesa Nativa is a new farm-to-table restaurant that is sure to please diners who are looking for a unique and authentic culinary experience. With its focus on traditional foods, its commitment to sustainability, and its social responsibility, Mesa Nativa is a restaurant that is making a difference.
Our goal was to create a unique and distinctive brand identity that reflects the restaurant's commitment to fresh, organic ingredients and its connection to the land. The color palette mimics the colors found at farm fields: green for grass and agriculture, blue for the sky, and orange for the land. These colors are natural and inviting, which is in keeping with the restaurant's focus on unprocessed ingredients. The overall brand design is simple, yet effective. It is unique, memorable, and relevant to the target audience. It is also consistent across all marketing materials, from the logo and website to the packaging and social media presence.
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Gualaceo, Ecuador.

Carolina O.


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