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With 10 years of experience within the e-learning industry, Traynio's founder is using his expertise to branch out into new territories by creating a brand of his own. Traynio is a Switzerland based e-learning agency that sells online courses to businesses and develops custom e-learning services.
To represent Traynio's modern, clean, and professional values, this brand design was created by accurately depicting this message. Through the use of elevation and alignment, the logo's text begins with variating placements of the letters—as they begin to stabilize and become re-aligned towards the end. This variating effect symbolizes the goal of Traynio's e-learning services, to help you get from point A (disorganized) to point B (structured and skilled). Our client also values thinking outside of the box, questioning curriculum, and striving to enhance their services to produce a quality and valuable product. The brand's text contains a powerful pairing between a modernized sans-serif font and the elegantly pure font, Futura. The typography is minimal, sophisticated, and high-quality, which creates an easily digestible image for the vast international locations and cultures that use their services. This superior design exudes a sense of trust and exceptionality, which are both principal components of Tranynio's work. Because their subject matter often deals with topics such as onboarding training, compliance, cyber security, and HR resources, this design holds a business-savvy charm that's both respectable and welcoming. Traynio is a cutting-edge, forward-thinking e-learning service, and our design helps showcase their unique approach to providing learning to some of the world's largest corporate companies.
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Bern, Switzerland.

Paul L.


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